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Peco Food's Retail Products division features an extensive array of chicken products, marketing services, and support capabilities for its current & potential clients. Focusing on our customer's Corporate Brands has allowed Peco to build substantial market share servicing the nation's largest grocery retailers with Individually Frozen, Deli, and Tray-pack chicken products.

Peco Food's ability to create customized chicken products for each client is our competitive advantage.

Retail Products Division Features:

  • Two processing facilities generating over 175 million pounds of Individually Frozen products.
  • A further processing facility that produces 50 million pounds annually of Breaded and Ready to Cook items.
  • Two processing facilities continuing to produce over 50 million annual pounds of Fresh Tray-Pack chicken.
  • An extensive product list including Flavored, Breaded, All Natural, Deli, Tray-Pack and Individually Frozen items. (Please click on the product link to view our current items).
  • Contracted Food Technicians work with the Marketing team to construct new product generation as well as existing item development.
  • A dedicated team of Research and Development professionals, both on-site and contracted work to exceed every government and industry requirement on our customer's behalf.
  • A business management focused Sales force that is able to maintain cost efficiencies for both Peco Foods and its partners.
  • A Marketing team that will work with each client to create custom package design for any product specification.
  • All of these areas combine to facilitate a Retail Division that can take a client from product concept to the consumer's kitchen. Peco is with the client every step of the way, molding each project and taking pride in each customer's success.

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