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Quality and Food Safety

Peco Foods is committed to perform at the highest standards of performance necessary to achieve partner satisfaction while sustaining fiscal responsibility. We strive to be leaders within our industry and are focused on achieving this by ensuring compliance in Food Safety, Food Legality, and Food Quality through our Quality Management Programs (QMP's). Peco's QMPs are designed to ensure processes are maintained in control resulting in products that allow us to cultivate a competitive reputation in the current marketplace. Our staff will foster and promote a culture of continuous improvement at all times, driving us to meet the changing expectations of our business partners. At Peco Foods we believe that to achieve complete customer satisfaction Quality is not the responsibility of a few but that it is the Responsibility of Everyone.

Peco Foods Inc. operates each of our operations using multi-hurdle approaches in order to comply with applicable standards for Food Safety, Food Legality, and Food Quality.

Food Safety: Each of our production facilities currently meet Global Food Safety Initiative Standards and are compliant with BRC version 7 standards (each facility is certified with an "A" rating). Each plant has a developed process improvement program for continuing improvement to maintain and ensure quality aspects are achieved. These programs have provisions to include in-house monthly GMP audits, FM inspections, Glass and Brittle plastic audits, as well as HACCP program reviews. Our facilities have Food Defense plans which are updated and assessed for effectiveness annually.

Peco has multiple validated intervention strategies in place to control or reduce the level of microbial contaminants to maintain acceptable levels. Each of our slaughter facilities currently monitors their salmonella to a rating of category 1 Salmonella sp. result status. Peco has in-plant testing protocols for compliance to USDA standards for generic E. coli as well as established SPC programs for routine testing of product post chill for Salmonella sp. and Campylobacter.

We participate annually in third party Animal Welfare audits to monitor compliance to industry standards established by the National Chicken Councils (NCC) guidelines for Animal Welfare and husbandry practices. Peco currently has on staff two certified PAACO animal welfare auditors to help to establish internal guidelines and monitor performance of our welfare compliance.

Food Legality: Peco operates each complex under established principles grounded in good manufacturing principles and HACCP ideals. Each of our production facilities operate under verified HACCP plans and monitored by FSIS officials. All complexes have established teams in place to ensure and monitor production factors to maintain compliance to applicable government regulations and standards in areas such as; Safety, Environmental, Feed, Transportation, and Labor practices.

Each of our live production flocks are monitored for pesticide residue and Antibiotic usages prior to slaughter. Peco currently participates in and adheres to the National Chicken Council's (NCC) testing program for H5/H7 Avian Influenza. Peco utilizes current standards and practices to ensure compliance to applicable FDA rules at each feed mill facility where poultry feed is produced.

Food Quality: We have plant intervention programs in place for traceability, to ensure quality standards and produce a wholesome delivered product to our customers. Developed stock recovery programs can trace product from farm to customer. Quality testing is currently based off of ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 acceptable quality levels and routine checks are performed to ensure production is held to those standards. All products are packaged in materials that are designed for the intended purpose and are composed of food grade materials.

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