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Peco - First On Any Menu.

For over 60 years Peco has offered what consumers want: all natural, tender to the last bite chicken.  As one of the nation's leading poultry suppliers, we've earned a reputation for impeccable quality. Our "hands on" approach is uncompromising to the smallest details and includes:

  • Hand de-boned breast meat to ensure you serve the highest quality cut of poultry available. This technique improves texture and makes chicken especially tender.
  • Hand-clipping jumbo tenders, a procedure where the white tendon protruding above the white meat is removed. When you buy unclipped tenders, you risk giving your customers a chewy, tough last bite.
  • Precision hand cutting of each wing at the first and second joint.This technique guarantees that cartilage covers the joint. This meticulous attention to detail protects the joints when it hits the hot grease minimizing shrinkage in the bone. You'll serve a true "jumbo" wing. Customers want value, and with Peco you can promote juicy, jumbo wings and become known as "best wings around."
  • Peco operates using the highest industry standards achievable, and to verify our commitment to exceptional standards, we take pride in offering only high quality USDA inspected poultry products. Peco insists on pristine quality in every step of the process-from raising conditions to processing to distribution, we supply simply the best chicken available.
  • Peco is truly a "JUMBO" supplier of poultry products. Our hands-on processing gives you the assurance of utmost quality and taste, while saving you time and labor. We help restaurants increase traffic and build loyal customers by giving them quality chicken to prepare savory and appealing meals. We start fresh, and we're delicious on the bottom line.

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