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Corporate Social Responsibility

Peco Foods Corporate Social Responsibility

At Peco Foods we believe every day presents itself with new opportunities. This belief has guided our business from its founding roots in agriculture in 1937 to the 8th largest poultry company in the United States. Our mission as a company is; "To be a competitive producer of quality products; maintaining respectful business relationships based on ethical practices, with fiscal and social responsibility'. This mission reflects upon the treasured past in which we were founded, as well as provides guidance for our business decisions today.

Being a responsible company is integrally connected with our core values, missions and business strategies. As a company with global sales, we strive to provide the best product possible - without losing focus on our communities, workplaces, stake holders, or the environments in which we do business. Our success is not only measured by the amount of product sold but includes how we treat people, how we interact within the communities we live and work, and how we utilize resources.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program Peco has developed key initiatives within four key areas:

Our Communities:
At Peco our Communities are who we are and what we are. We strive to undertake philanthropic projects which we feel best impact the communities where we work and where our employees live. In reaching out to our communities Peco:

  • Provides aid to victims of natural disasters, scholarships for employees, growers and descendants, and grants funds to charitable organizations through the establishment of The John Herman Hickman Foundation.
  • Supports organizations such as Relay for Life, Rotary Clubs, local Food Banks, and local 4-H Clubs.
  • Partners with local schools and colleges to provide learning opportunities, improve technical knowledge of growers, provide best practices for energy efficient standards, share agricultural principles and help support the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Partners with local EMS groups to utilize our facilities for training and education events.
  • Supports local schools and recreational clubs through ads, sponsorships, and donations.
  • Is committed to maintaining and upgrading our facilities to promote positive views and feelings of stewardship in our communities and workforce.

Our Environments:
Peco understands the importance of where we come from and the needs for conservation of natural resources. With business based upon agricultural principles and the reliance upon many resources that are not "man-made", Peco focuses on maintaining the areas we live in and the items we have at our disposal. In focusing on environmental stewardship we have undertaken objectives in/to:

  • Water conservation programs utilizing flow controls, re-use/recirculating systems, and control valves in the plants.
  • Advanced water treatment facilities. Estimated savings of over 50 million gallons of water annually in utilizing this form of water re-use.
  • Storm water run-off management programs
  • NRCS approved Nutrient Management Plans to aide in controlling litter abatement usage and to reduce runoff phosphate dispersal into ground water along the Mississippi river basin.
  • Encourage our growers to purchase through cost sharing programs; litter amendments to lessen ammonia production and decrease fuel costs. As part of our litter management program we focus on maintaining good litter quality and minimizing the need for clean outs and dispersal of litter.
  • Upgrade equipment to minimize fossil fuel usage in plants
  • Purchase equipment and support of upgrades to farms in order to improve efficiencies and reduce power and fossil fuel resource demands.
  • Implementation of "Wetlands" projects.
  • Work with reputable 3rd party providers for pest control services to minimize the usage of pesticide and insecticides utilized at facilities.
  • Utilization/minimization of waste byproducts through optional sources for fats, breading, and offal.

Our Workplaces:
Often in the business world we spend as much time in the workplace as we do outside of work. With this philosophy we strive to achieve standards and ideas at work that are similar to what we would do in our homes. At Peco we focus on:

  • Implementation of recycling programs.
  • Utilization of specially designed PPE to reduce consumables and laundry needs.
  • Utilization of plastic reusable product totes and containers to replace cardboard boxes for shipping internal products. Saves consumable packaging and waste on over 3 loads of product per processing day.
  • Improving transportation efficiencies by maximizing capacity on loads hauled, and improvements in miles per gallon by service fleet.
  • Utilization of auto shutoffs, inverters, capacitors, high efficiency lighting and power save technology to reduce power demand. Extensive work with local utility companies and outside contractors on ways to improve on electrical energy demand.
  • Programs for salvage of recyclable scrap metals.
  • Utilization of rail car systems for transportation of feed supplies and goods to reduce transportation diesel fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.
  • Implementation of Behavioral Based Safety Programs to promote an environment of empowerment for our teams to identify areas where both opportunities for improvement and good things exist. Each employee is important and valuable and we expect to provide them all the tools necessary to return them safely to their families each and every day.
  • Changes to consumable goods utilized in our business daily. Modifications, changes and minor tweaks in our process allow us to reduce the amount of consumable corrugated boxes, wax materials and plastics needed in our process.

Our Markets:
Peco Foods strives to provide high quality products that meet our consumer's needs. We continuously strive to increase the value to our products through improvements in food safety, reductions in ingredients, and marketing of products needed. As we continue we are cognoscente of producing a finished product that can be considered "First on Any Menu". In impacting our business relationships we undertake initiatives for/to:

  • Implementation of "ALL-NATURAL" brand items that can be used in a variety of production processes and packages for consumer use. ALL- NATURAL labeled items comply with FSIS regulatory guidelines.
  • Producing live birds that do not utilize added hormones for growth. Each of our products qualifies as No Hormones added meeting required FDA regulatory guidelines.
  • Full compliance to current Global Food Safety Initiatives. All plants and processes are monitored by annual 3rd party audits to the BRC version 6 standards.
  • Annual 3rd party animal welfare and husbandry audits of all live production facilities. Peco utilizes industry best practices and supported health plans to ensure proper treatment of the animals that we depend on for the success of our business.
  • Work with national chains on conversions of products to lower sodium items, low trans-fat oils, and natural flavoring ingredients.
  • Ensure that the consumer receives accurately labeled identified products with proper ingredient declaration.
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